About Us


Black and White Tech Writing Solutions is an end-to-end documentation company founded with an aim to assist organizations with effective communication in all their marketing and technical endeavours. Based out of Bangalore, India, Black and White possesses extensive experience with creating technical and marketing collaterals and provides complete documentation services to organizations from diverse industrial domains. We emphasise on offering authentic efficacious documentation with quality standing second to none.

The company constitutes three distinct service wings including author and documentation consulting, on-shore and off-shore writing services, and technical writing and marketing communication training. Writers at Black and White bring with them extensive experience and expertise in various industrial domains. Black and White's unwavering stand against plagiarism, its capability to provide complete client-centric services, and its unmatched service quality has earned it a place among the top documentation companies in the country.

Our Team

The writing team at Black and White consists of technical writers and creative writers, experienced writers and fresh eyes in the industry. They are driven by a single common passion: Writing. "If the communication is not effective, you are not doing your job right" is the motto they strictly adhere to. They are a dedicated team of professionals who strive to provide exactly the type of content the client requires in the shortest duration. The team is guided by enthusiastic and energetic board of directors.

Work Culture

Work at Black and White is better termed as passion. The company believes in a platform which encourages learning at every stage. Irrespective of the number of years the writer has spent in the industry, the company insists that the writers take up projects that challenges and hones the skills of the individual. This has fostered a knowledge sharing environment in the company which has led to free-flowing ideas from every individual.

Black and White believes that every thought contributes to better documentation; which is why it insists on brainstorming sessions at the start of every project and senior and junior writers are encouraged to participate alike. It provides an ideal working environment that promotes creativity and professionalism.