Documentation is like the air we breathe; one hardly values its importance when it's around, but the absence of which wreaks havoc and chaos. It is an integral and unavoidable part of any product development process.

Every product that is being released into the market needs to have suitable documents to back it up for a stronger sales proposition. With the advent of stringent regulations to govern the quality of the stream of goods that is flooding the market, it is no longer justifiable to 'just write one small summary and file it in' as some managers put it. One needs to step up their documentation standards with time to create a lasting impression on the customers and partners or even its prospective customers and partners for that matter. It's not about creating the right documents; it is about sealing the perfect product with the perfect documents whether it is one page or several hundred pages.

We offer creative solutions to architect documentation development process to build documents that would complete packaging your product or service at the counter. Any deliverables varying from a core technical writing document to marketing, creative writing, instruction designing or even process documentation is our forte. Our skilled writers who possess expertise in all the areas of technical and marketing communication would be an extension of your documentation team to power you with quality content.


    Technical processes
  • Installation guide
  • Configuration guide
  • Administration Guide
  • User Guide
  • Online Help Systems
  • Reference Guides
  • Release Notes
  • Maintenance guide
  • Training guide
  • E-learning module
    Marketing Process
  • White papers
  • Brochures
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Proposals
  • Website content
  • Product overviews
  • Case studies
  • Newsletters
    Financial Processes
  • Process manuals
  • Procedures
  • Organisation charts
  • Process Maps
    Instructional Designing
  • Training Guides
  • Online modules
  • Instructor's Guide
  • Trainee's Guide
  • E-Learning


Black and White is all about creating documents that set a high benchmark whether it is whitepapers, case studies, market collaterals, product brochures, success stories, proposals, web content, and newsletters for market communication writing or user manuals, installation guide, operations manual and other forms for technical documentation. We focus strongly on the quality of the content and strictly believe that weak writing should not even be encouraged. As a rule, we try and avoid rushed projects that will encourage plagiarism. In Black and White, every writer is proud of the deliverables they produce. We believe in giving every writer time to create and nurture a deliverable that they will be satisfied to have authored.


Our team of writers comprise of promising freshers who bring fresh perspective to the table and weather-beaten experienced writers who specialise in technical and MarCom documentation who drive the team and oversee projects and provide guidance. The team consists of graduates from a number of different educational domains. This enables the team to understand and work on challenging projects from all the industries with ease. For a group of writers, the team is surprisingly tech savvy and are at ease with several documentation software tools which contributes to the timely completion of projects. Although our writers are an odd mosaic of values, ethics and work cultures, they are all strongly united in their dedication and their love for writing and an incessant need to meet new challenges each day.